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Welcome to my evolving BIOL 204 webpage: a histological database and study guide to be used in conjunction with Anatomy & Physiology II Lab at HCC. I am continually updating the material content of this site, so please check back often to take full advantage of these amendments.

BIOL 204 Lab Students

I have posted histology pictures, model diagrams, the power point lectures, and other helpful information for each lab within the Laboratory links at the upper left side of the page. The links are arranged by Laboratory number, which is synonomous to the week in which we perform the lab; as such, the data from each lab will be under the corresponding Laboratory link number. Unless noted otherwise, every model and slide picture provided on this site is from HCC's inventory. Familiarize yourself with these slides and models for they will comprise the majority of the stock which will be used for both Practicals.

My contact information is located at the top left corner of this page